The opposition between physical sex and virtual sex is not an opposition between real and fake, between a true world and its pale imitation. It’s an opposition between being able to do something – to fantasize, to direct one’s own desires – and being unable to do something – having one’s desires limited and constrained by external factors. The pleasure of fantasy, its psychic value, is its promise of a space in which desire is unconstrained by reality. At its core, the difference between fantasy and materiality is not the kind of desire involved but its direction: “real” desire is directed outward; fantasy is directed inward. It’s an example of what Laplanche and Pontalis call “auto-erotism.” For the child at play, the child who “rearranges the elements of its own world in a manner of its own choosing,” fantasy offers an opportunity to imagine and to desire without the pesky constraints of reality. It’s not a failure to attain real satisfaction; it’s simply a real satisfaction that is oriented toward the self. Sexting isn’t a failure to locate a willing partner; there’s someone exchanging message with you, right? Rather, it’s an opportunity to get feedback on your desire; it’s a way of talking about yourself using naked pictures.

A Freudian analysis of sexting.

ey girl lemme promise u a space in which yr desire is unconstrained by reality. 

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Something feels #obscene about wearing this at the gym but #ithappened

Something feels #obscene about wearing this at the gym but #ithappened

the man behind the curtain - DF3: Why I oughtta!

ChallengeA punch in the face breaking several small bones.


1. nerf finger against mic windscreen


2. a stack of 6 CDs drops for bone crack


3. a young woman reacts to my story of what I did at work all day

A mix of ambient plumbing: sink and toilet. Plus the click of a pilot light and a floor squeak. Digitally manipulation mostly just lowered pitch and slowed speed and a couple of reversals for creepiness sake.